Sustainable Packaging Solutions

Atlas Packaging & Displays strives to deliver products that exceed customer expectations while ensuring the safety of our employees and promoting responsible stewardship. As manufacturers of corrugated packaging, sustainability has long been part of our industry’s practice. We are constantly working to minimize waste, increase productivity, and design packaging that not only performs, but also utilizes the least amount of fiber possible. It is our goal to offer our customers sustainable packaging solutions that work best for their needs.

The corrugated industry has been providing cost-efficient and sustainable packaging solutions for over 100 years. Did you know:

Sustainable Packaging Solutions

  • Corrugated is the single most recycled packaging material: 91 percent of corrugated produced in 2011 was recovered for recycling, and almost all of that material was recycled into new products
  • The corrugated industry maintains high worker safety standards
  • Corrugated packaging is custom designed for each product it protects, allowing the use of minimized materials and the most efficient space utilization possible by reducing “head space” within the package and maximizing cube efficiency in trucks
  • Litho-laminated packaging is made up of about 32-50 percent recycled content
  • 93 percent of corrugated boxes are made with material supplied by Sustainable Forestry Initiative® (SFI) program participants
  • Since corrugated packaging is custom designed and can be printed with high-impact graphics, a shipping container can double as a merchandising package, helping to reduce the amount of packaging required to successfully bring goods to market

Sustainable Forestry Initiative

Atlas Packaging & Displays is committed to helping customers find responsible and sustainable packaging solutions. As part of our commitment to corporate social responsibility, Atlas Packaging & Displays is a certified sourcing member of the Sustainable Forestry Initiative®. SFI certified sourcing means we work with suppliers to meet the increasing market demand for forest products from legal and responsible sources and helping the local community. The SFI certified sourcing label tells consumers that at least two-thirds of Atlas Packaging & Displays’ fiber comes from companies certified to the procurement requirements of the SFI 2010-2014 Standard.

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